11 November 2008

the wizard of oz – final tribute

here on his 1997 upper deck card, ozzie gets his standing ovation and the final tribute seal of approval. a reward for a career well spent doing gymnastics on the field and hitting a left handed home run he had no business hitting.

despite his 1985 exploits against the dodgers, i liked ozzie smith. his retirement actually inspired me to go to more games, especially games featuring teams i really didn’t care to see, as i realized i had never seen him play in person.

not shown on the card is tony larussa sitting in the dugout sticking pins into his ozzie smith voodoo doll.


night owl said...

I liked Ozzie Smith, too. I also always liked the Cardinals. But in 1985 I wanted something really painful to happen to that team. Needless to say, I cheered when Royals won the Series that year.

gcrl said...

something painful did happen to them - or at least to vince coleman...

and then there was denkinger!