30 November 2008

bringing on the heartbreak

another great batch of cards from matt over at heartbreaking cards of staggering genius. it all started with the 2008 topps stadium club russell "russ" martin. sure, it's the same picture as on his topps chrome card, but it's still a good one. i don't know of anyone other than topps that refers to martin as "russ". i am pretty sure it's not a "bob" clemente thing, so what gives?

2008 topps stadium club clayton kershaw.
i think i have mcdonalds residue in my system that is older than kershaw. i hate those unis, by the way.

1989 upper deck rick demspey.
how old school is dempsey? he caught without all the gear...and he liked it!

1992 fleer lenny harris.
lenny is doing a good job here of trying to fit into the box that fleer has created. a couple slight adjustments to his feet, elbow and bat, and he will have done it.

1985 leaf pedro guerrero.
dang, 1985 was a monster year for pedro. 99 runs in 137 games. an ops+ of 181. 3rd in the mvp voting. you just couldn't contain him, as the photographer here found out. despite what i am sure was the fastest shutter speed possible, pedro still manages to be blurry.

2006 topps opening day opening day
sure it's redundant, but i don't know what else to call it. this is the view that longtime dodger scout mike brito enjoyed for every game, weilding his radar gun, wearing his fedora and chomping on his cigar.

2006 topps jose valentin.
no airbrushing attempt here. i admire jose for trying to take the sheffield stain off of the penguin's number 10. too bad valentin stunk up the joint during his time with the dodgers. he was coming off a 30 home run season, yet managed to bat only .170 and achieve an ops of only .591. yikes.

matt, a bunch of cards are headed your way - some royals, some diamond kings, some handlebar mustaches, and some pitchers that seemingly pitched forever. enjoy!

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