13 November 2008

no stats on the back, but names on the front

mark from stats-on-the-back sent me an email a while back saying he was sending some 1970 topps my way. i have been working on this set for about 8 years, off and on.

sure enough, i received a package containing a dozen cards on my want list. all are appreciated, but this one a bit more than the others. it's the first series checklist (unmarked) and #9 in the set.
when i started compiling this set, i put all the cards i had in sheets. so, for 8 years, that lower right hand corner on the very first sheet of the binder has sat empty. well, no more!

thanks mark. i am putting aside some mets to send your way.

1 comment:

mmosley said...

I like how Checklist is spelled with an actual check!