14 November 2008

2008 upper deck timeline - instant karma blaster break

i knew nothing about this set, but as soon as i saw the 2004 timeless teams design on the front of the box, i had to buy it. $14.99 9 pack target blaster; 6 cards per pack - "2 insert cards per pack on average", here we go...

pack 1

justin verlander
derrek lee
daisuke matsuzaka
ross ohlendorf
glen perkins (sp top prospects design die cut)
manny ramirez (1994 all time heroes design)
i am guessing that the "years past" design cards are the inserts, but they seem to be numbered as part of the base set. the manny card above is number 156.

pack 2

jason bay
bj upton
hanley ramirez
craig breslow (1992 design)
josh hamilton (sp top prospects design die cut)
brian mccann (2004 timeless teams design)

3 inserts. not sure what year's design the hamilton is. it's the same as the perkins from the 1st pack.

pack 3

joe mauer
matt holliday
alex gordon
don mattingly yankee stadium legacy game 5130
nick blackburn
chien-ming wang (1994 all time heroes design)
we'll count the mattingly as an insert, obviously.

pack 4

lance berkman
matt kemp
nick markakis
john smoltz
nyjer morgan (1994 sp premier prospects design)
greg smith (1992 design)
pack 5

brandon webb
jake peavy
miguel cabrera
alfonso soriano
yasuhiko yabuta
randy johnson (1994 all time heroes design)

1 insert. we're back to the average!

pack 6

grady sizemore
prince fielder
derek jeter
clayton kershaw
johan santana (1994 all time heroes design)
joey votto (sp top prospects design die cut)
pack 7
mark teixiera
chase utley
jim thome
torii hunter
chris duncan (1992 design)
james loney (2004 timeless teams design)

pack 8

ryan braun
alex rodriguez
vladimir guerrero
clay buchholz
derrek lee (1994 all time heroes design)
geovany soto (2004 timeless teams design - gold 006/100)
pack 9

johan santana
erik bedard
evan longoria (1992 design)
alex rodriguez (2004 timeless teams design)
ian kennedy (sp design)
clayton kershaw (2004 timeless teams design)

4 inserts. there goes the average.

i am pleased with this break - no doubles, 5 dodgers, a few twinkies. i am a sucker for the timeless teams cards, so i may be biased.

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