20 November 2008

staggering trade with heartbreaking genius

thanks to matt for sending a bunch of great cards. i had sent him some royals, horseshoe mustaches and other stuff. let's check out a few cards he sent back.

first, a 2007 topps turkey red checklist. it's titled 'turning two' which is awesome in and of itself. hanley ramirez and jose/danny/some other bautista. looks like ramirez is blowing a bubble while turning two. too cool.

next, 2008 allen & ginter mini clayton kershaw. it's an a&g back, too. when i think of kershaw i think of how he made vin scully laugh during spring training. an incredible curve ball to freeze sean casey for strike 3 and scully chuckled about it. i love that vin scully still enjoys the game so much. if kershaw doesn't pan out, i will have to try to think of rick monday or some other lesser broadcaster instead.

2008 topps chrome russell martin. this is the card that motivated me to buy a box of chrome this year. it's a great play at the plate shot, and it's a different shot than his regular 2008 topps card.

2008 topps chrome xfractor francisco liriano. little tiny squares! growing out of my card! (poor cosby reference). i carried liriano all season on one of my fantasy teams, taking up a roster spot while the twins chose not to promote him. it was a keeper league, so hopefully it pays off.

1995 topps stadium club kirby puckett. how good was kirby. i moved here in 97 so didn't see him play, although i did see him at a couple of twins events. i am a bit concerned about how small his helmet seems to be in this picture. kind of 'bonds-ian'.
tor-ii hunter! clap clap clapclapclap! 2006 bowman heritage bat card. matt threw in a couple of other game used cards, including johan and jacquejones. it sounds better if you say his name as one word.
a great lot of cards. thanks matt!

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night owl said...

Russell Martin is on so many great cards this year. That chrome card makes two Martin cards that I have to have.

"If Kershaw doesn't pan out ..." Don't say that out loud!