18 November 2008

it's a brave, it's a snake, it's barney rubble?

every now and then, or maybe not so often, you stumble across a card that makes you wonder why? or who was responsible? or what were they thinking? or how did they get approval? the 1984 fleer glenn hubbard is one of those cards. in 1983, glenn had perhaps his best season, hitting 12 home runs, posting an ops+ of 98 and making the all star team. perhaps this is why he felt entitled to abandon the normal baseball card props like a bat, glove, ball or, what i like to call the 'smell the fart' facial pose.

yes, glenn thought out of the box and opted for a large reptile. not only that, he also placed himself so that the phillie phanatic would be visible over his left shoulder and none other than barney rubble on his right. it must have been fruity pebbles day at the vet.

combine those elements with the baby blue uniform, pullover jersey and elastic waistband, and the young kris kringle facial hair, and you've got yourself quite a card.

kudos to you, 1984 fleer.


night owl said...

When this card came out, Glenn Hubbard was very angry that Fleer selected this photo of him. There were stories about it and everything.

Dinged Corners said...

You sent us a copy of this card and it actually rendered us speechless. For some reason, it's the phanatic that is most troubling.....