19 November 2008

tradewinds have been blowing...

first, thanks to thorzul. i participated in the 'trade me anything' sweepstakes and went the boring route. i sent him 3 cards from 2008 topps updates and highlights he needed plus a mike cameron gold foil from the same set in exchange for these bad boys:

classic combo russell martin and dan haren. another classic combo, according to topps, would be me and the guy in front of me in line at the dry cleaners.
doug mientkiewenvewinicz. sweet dougie. my son has a twins mientkeiwicz shirt. we bought it at the metrodome a couple months after doug was traded to the red sox. it was still full price. this from the same place that had cris carter jerseys half off during his last game at the metrodome.
justin morneau. my favorite canadian. after you, mom and dad. check out the guy old schooling it in the tie and jacket. just like in 1908.
thanks bill!

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