26 November 2008

so long, baseball card blog - i'm going to mis(cut) you!

well, if you don't know by now, ben henry is closing out his run at the baseball card blog by 're-enacting' the epic poem "casey at the bat" using baseball cards. it's quite fantastic.

if you have been a reader of his blog, you might know that he is a fan of miscuts. he has posted a few nice ones, too. so, as i was looking through some old 70s doubles, i came across these beauties and immediately thought of him.

1978 topps lou piniella and bob boone
what is interesting about these is that they are from the same sheet - sequential miscuts so to speak - so part of the boone card front is on the piniella card front, with a blue jays player joining boone.

flip the cards over, and you get alvis woods sneaking onto piniella's back, with piniella spilling over onto boone's.
so the fronts are miscut one way, and the backs are miscut the other way. right? weird.

i have no recollection as to how/when i acquired these cards. in a trade? a pack? who knows. but they are on their way to ben henry where they will be appreciated hopefully as much as i have appreciated his blog.

thanks ben!

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--David said...

Man, you come up with tthe coolest card combos!