26 November 2008

2001 pacific also had a play at the plate

so, 2001 pacific gave us a number of double plays from that set showcased earlier, and now here's a play at the plate.
it's brad ausmus of the tigers going for the double-duty tag and stomp on mark grace of the cubs. thanks to baseballreference.com, i think this is from june 3, 2000 when grace was thrown out at home on a throw from bobby higginson.

interestingly enough, ausmus was in the leadoff spot that day and struck out 3 times. the tigers won, beating kerry wood despite a sammy sosa homerun.

incidentally, this was just an excuse to post a tigers card. i hadn't done that yet. coming soon - the rays and the nationals. the last two teams to be featured. anybody have any rays or nationals turning double plays?

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