06 April 2010

updating the nefarious 9

i managed to acquire a few cards from the list since i last posted it, plus one i thought was on there but wasn't.

i found a 1977 topps cloth sticker checklist (national league all-stars, middle card, middle row) on the beckett marketplace for cheap, which is nice.
that was wanted card #2.  say hi to bill russell, steve garvey and half of rick rhoden.

i also picked up extra copies of the 1980 and 1981 dodger team cards, taking care of numbers 5 and 6. the rest remain.

the card i picked up that i really thought was on this list is a 1976 o-pee-chee tommy john - the last one i needed to complete my team set.  it should have been on there, anyway.

so here's the current list which will also be posted on the sidebar:

1 - 2003 upper deck vintage #81 kazuhisa ishii - a short print in this awesome 1965 topps knock-off set. i was watching one on ebay for a while, but never pulled the trigger. woulda shoulda coulda...

2 (up from 3) - 2004 fleer greats of the game steve garvey/vin scully. i have one in my garvey collection, but would love to try to get a dual ttm thing going.

3 (up from 4) - 1991 fleer ultra eddie murray.

4 (up from 7) - 1968 topps walter alston. the last card i need to finish off my 1968 topps dodger team set.

5 - 1978 topps zest manny mota. i had a line on one, but that fell through.

6 - 1991 leaf studio gary carter.

7 - 1991 o-pee-chee jose gonzalez.

8 - 1989 fleer tim belcher

9 - 2010 upper deck doug mientkiewicz

bonus non-dodger card - 1990 topps glenn wilson.  when you see the card you'll know why.

if you, or anyone you know, has any of these cards and send them to me, i will reward you greatly.

please, help a blogger out!


night owl said...

I'll have to see if I have a couple of these and get a package together for you.

Captain Canuck said...

I know I have the Murray... I might have the Gonzalez and the Wilson to... I'll check for you.

Captain Canuck said...

okay, I have ...

91 Ultra Murray
90 Topps Glen Wilson
89 Fleer Belcher
10 UD mientkavishjkjhadfjkwklkanh

4 outta 9 ain't bad dude...