26 April 2010

i'm out of position? you're out of position!

it happens almost exclusively to catchers.  or former catchers, trying to extend their careers.  they move to a different position, but are still thought of as catchers.  here are a couple of cards that exemplify this phenomenon.

1992 donruss gary carter.
hall of fame catcher tries his hand at first base.  he gets no recognition from donurss for doing so aside from their photo choice.

2002 fleer triple crown paul loduca.
the 'heart and soul' mitchell report poster boy got some time in the outfield during the crazy days of jim tracy's reign, but fleer didn't care to change the position text on his card.

i am sure there are some johnny bench and carlton fisk cards out there with this same thing going on.  any others?

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Jim said...

In a few late '90s issues, Darren Daulton was featured either in the outfield or at first base.