21 February 2014

finally topps gives us true final tributes

yay for topps.  after years of putting recently retired stars on checklists and/or highlight cards, topps came through in 2014 with some honest to goodness final tribute cards.  of course, they also put mariano rivera and todd helton on highlight cards, but still…

here's rivera's final tribute
with his complete career stats on the back
and here's todd helton's
with his career stats
80 fewer hits than one steven patrick garvey, by the way.

i didn't bother to check if topps made a card for lance berkman in series 1, but they did issue one for another player whose retirement announcement was made after the cards were printed - the dodgers' own michael young
and so, here are his final career stats
after missing out on a dodger card in 2013 update, i'm glad to have young get one in 2014 series 1.  even though young is retired now, it beats a photoshopped chone figgins card, that's for sure.

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JediJeff said...

So the debate begins. Helton - HOF?