16 December 2009

a wynn-wynn situation (meaning, a jim wynn through the mail success!)

there are far too few cards of jimmy wynn in a dodger uniform, so i am happy when i find any card of the toy cannon wearing dodger blue, like this 1975 hostess card.i even enjoy picking up other wynn cards, especially when it's a variation like this 1977 topps burger king yankees issueor part of an awesome insert set like this 2006 fleer greats of the game nickname greats card.if i could find a picture of wynn with the brew crew i would create a 1978 topps style final tribute.

anyway, back to his dodger days. the toy cannon was nice enough to sign and return a couple of his real dodger cards - first his 1974 topps traded card.even though he's not in a dodger uniform in the photo, it still counts.

he also signed my 1975 topps mini card
one of the best facial hair cards of the 1970's, and that says a lot!

thanks jim!

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zman40 said...

Do you have any other cards that are signed "to Jim" from a player named Jim? I've been thinking of having Zack Grienke do a card like that for me, but I haven't got around to it yet.