26 December 2009

forsch brothers through the mail success!

for no particular reason, other than i had a double found while seeing what i need to complete the set, i sent this 1977 topps card off to bob and ken forsch to be signed. i sent first to ken, and waited to recieve it back before sending to bob, for obvious reasons. i think it would have been funny if one of the brothers had drawn a mustache on the other. of course, no mid-70's ttm attempt would be complete without the requisite 1978 topps
thanks bob and ken!


Collective Troll said...

That is awesome!!! The only thing better than a good combo card is an autographed combo card. Good job!

Tony said...

I have those guys as well. Although it took me a while to get Bob. I'd love to have that Big League Brothers card signed. Both of them pitched a no-hitter. Ken pitched one, and Bob had two. Pretty amazing.