19 December 2009

jerry reuss through the mail success! (again)

so, what started with fernando and continued with jimmy key only to be followed by frank tanana will be wrapped up here with another lefty through the mail success - jerry reuss.

i have previously received (and posted) two other cards from mr. reuss who is a great signer. it's interesting to me that he spent more time with the dodgers than any other team, although i tend to think of him as a pirate.

this time, i sent him a 1985 topps and his other 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams card.i followed that request up with another one (yes, i am greedy), but this time went a non-dodger route.

1978 topps with the dutch boy haircut

and 1989 upper deck featuring his stint as a white sock. he actually did fairly well for the sox after a really bad 1987 season. after the white sox, jerry went to milwaukee for a short time before ending his career with the 1990 pirates. if i ever get around to it, i plan to make a 1991 topps final tribute for the man.

while i don't know have any plans to send any further requests, if leron lee ever returns his 1970 topps rookie card, you can bet it will get sent to jerry right away.

thanks jerry! and don't forget to check out jerryreuss.com!

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zman40 said...

I love how he signs some cards normally and some sideways. I still do not see a pattern.