30 December 2009

a card find so improbable, i left it off my want list

if you are a team collector and you haven't checked out teamsets4u yet, you are missing out! what a great resource that site has been in helping(?) me flesh out my dodger needs and wants, especially from the era of overproduction.

that's not to say that i just blindly add all dodger cards listed to the lists. no, there are some that i figure i will never find, so they don't get added to the list. one such set was the 1976 greyhound heroes on the basepaths. according to the site, there are two davey lopes cards in this set (there are also 1974 and 1975 greyhound heroes of the basepaths sets), and the fluckinger book says that one is a portrait and one an action shot.

well, i was at the monthly card show a couple of weeks ago, perusing the vintage bargain bins (!) when i spotted something sitting atop an oddball/oversized card bin. it was the 1976 davey lopes portrait card!
a card i had written off, never to own. not a bad deal for $1!

thanks vintage/oddball bin dude!


ManOfSteal said...

I love finds like that! I managed to get both the 1985 and 1986 Rickey TCMA postcards in a dollar bin last year, both of which I'd been hunting down for quite a while

night owl said...

Vintage/oddball/dollar bins need to start showing up where I live RIGHT NOW!