19 December 2009

frank tanana through the mail success!

even though i grew up in southern california, i didn't know any angels fans. we were all dodger fans, but we did covet one thing about the angels, and that was frank tanana. no offense meant to tommy john or doug rau, but i always wished tanana had been the left-handed starter for the dodgers instead of those guys. and so did the other kids on my block.

tanana was the embodiment of socal coolness in the late 70's and he threw hard. he finished with almost 2800 strikeouts in his 21-year career, good for 21st all-time. it was his 1975-1978 seasons, though, that i really appreciated.

so, i pulled together a few cards and shipped them off to mr. tanana. he responded quickly, signing and adding a bible reference to each of the cards.

1978 topps 1976 topps
1978 topps league leader (with the photo from his 1976 card)
and the 1976 topps league leader card
he also added a personal card/pamphlet
thanks frank!

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Matt Runyon said...

I think his APBA card had "Kelloggs" as his nickname. I wonder where that came from.