17 December 2009

the modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project - a status update

i figured it was time to update the two or three of you that have asked on the status of my modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project.

so far, i am sitting at 19 of 29, or 66%. the latest addition was elias sosa, although i did also get a tommy john ttm to replace the ebay success i originally counted.

here's the rundown on who is left:

dusty baker - i have sent one card to the reds (6/09), and one to his home (10/09). the successes from him that i have seen are usually received in january, so here's hoping...

glenn burke - this is the white whale. while an autographed 1978 topps card of the late outfielder does exist, the chances i have of obtaining one are pretty slim.

terry forster - i have sent a card to terry c/o the dodgers (7/09) but have not received any response. none of the ttm sites i have come across show any home address or recent ttm successes.

ed goodson - i sent one to a home address (4/09) and one c/o the dodgers (8/09). same deal as forster for mr. goodson.

burt hooton - i have sent to the round rock express (6/09) and to his home address (10/09) with no luck. a formerly good ttm signer, it looks like he might not be doing it anymore.

tom lasorda - this one hurts. i have sent two requests to his home (4/09 and 10/09) and one to the dodgers (8/09). apparently he is very inconsistent with signing in general. the second home request was made after a few successes were posted, but those were all balls not cards. still, i hope...

rick monday - another inconsistent signer who doesn't do ttm, although i did send one c/o the dodgers (4/09). i have a lead on a signed card thanks to reader cory, so i am hoping that this one becomes #20.

rick rhoden - i have sent to mr. rhoden both at home (4/09) and c/o the dodgers (7/09). my best hope might be to find him on a golf course, unfortunately.

don sutton - the ace of my youth. i have sent to mr. sutton both at home (9/09) and c/o the braves (6/09).

steve yeager - this would be one bad-ass success, but both my home (6/09) and c/o dodgers (8/09) requests have been unheeded.

i am holding out hope that the project gains some momentum in the new year. if you know of any signings that any of these guys are participating in, please let me know and we can work something out.

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