14 August 2009

tommy john ebay auto success!

i sent a 1978 topps card to tommy john about 3 months ago, but haven't received it back (yet). when i saw this pop up on ebay for a reasonable price, i couldn't resist. tommy is showcasing the 'cindy brady' pose here - a favorite in the 1978 topps set. he was acquired by the dodgers prior to the 1972 season for richie (dick) allen, and had some good seasons for them in 1972, 1973 and 1974. in fact, he was 13 and 3 (!) in mid-july of 1974 when he hurt his elbow and underwent 'tommy john' surgery. he sat out all of 1975 and returned in 1976, posting a .500 record in 31 starts. in 1977, though, he was all the way back and then some. that year, he went 20 and 7 with 11 complete games, finishing 2nd in the cy young voting. he was 17 and 10 in 1978, his last with the dodgers, as he signed with the yankees (boo!) after the season ended. with 288 career victories, he is one of the better pitchers not in the hall of fame - stuck in the jim kaat/bert blyleven level of purgatory - but certainly the injury robbed him of at least 12 wins.

this is the 13th piece in my modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project.

here's the tally:

13/29 = 45%

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Captain Canuck said...

the reason you haven't got it back yet is Tommy is signing them and putting them up on ebay so suckers like you can buy your own card...

(nice buy btw)