26 August 2009

a (goose joak) call for arms

not 'to arms' - it's definitely a call for arms in mannywood these days. with kuroda down, we've relied on the knuckleball of charlie haeger, and in a couple of days we'll see if vincente padilla can be a positive force on the field. the padilla start may even be a start to keep first place, perish the thought.

here are a couple more goose joak originals for the file - first, charlie haeger

all haeger has done is go 7 innings in each of his two starts. he gave up 3 runs his first start (and lost) but held the cubs scoreless in his most recent outing picking up the win. it's always nice when you can bring up a guy to fill in and he does the job. just look at the mess the twins are in right now with their pitching. none of the minor league guys are able to give the bullpen any rest.

and then there's the aforementioned padilla.i went the o-pee-chee route with him, since he has yet to make his debut with the dodgers. i remember in 1988 when the dodgers traded pedro guerrero, and the word was addition by subtraction. i hope this isn't subtraction by addition. here's hoping he wears the dodger blue well.

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Spiff said...

Glad to see Vicente wearing Dodger blue rather than Ranger blue. Also a good thing that he is in another league.

I guess if the team could handle Manny they can handle Vicente.