18 August 2009

random is as random does...

...and david at indian cards, for whatever length of time has done some random. first, i asked for and received some random angels. then, i put in for some true all around randomosity. here are some highlights:

1993 upper deck jay buhner.buhner is crashing jr's party, much like eric karros is known to do.

1992 fleer ultra jose oquendo
that's eddie murray halfway in the shot.
1996 topps shawn green. in triplicate!

1996 pinnacle summit gary disarcina
a double play turn against the dodgers!

1989 upper deck mark mclemore
another double play turn

2008 upper deck chone figgins season highlights
figgins is in there somewhere...

2008 topps stadium club john lackey
in yankee stadium. i think if lackey pitched on the east coast he would be much more appreciated.

2007 topps allen & ginter jered weaver
at least it's not jeff.

2007 topps allen & ginter gary matthews jr sketch card
the angels seem to make their 4 outfielder rotation work a lot better than the twins do.

2005 upper deck flyball garret anderson
i thought this guy would finish his career in anaheim. i liked edmonds and salmon more, but ga has outlasted both of them.

2002 donruss originals darin erstad

1999 upper deck encore mo vaughn
the best part about this card is the gene autry patch mo is wearing.

2005 upper deck robb quinlan
the former gopher is the epitome of the 26th man or the aaaa player.

2001 topps heritage darin erstad
still scrappy.

1999 skybox thunder charles johnson
from piazza to johnson to hundley in two seasons. yikes.

1996 pinnacle jim abbott.
this guy was such a fan favorite - there was much rejoicing when they brought him back.

1995 upper deck minors luis raven
sponsored by molson. i used to have a canadians hat that looked like that helmet, but i felt too much like a hot-dog-on-a-stick worker to wear it in public.

1994 topps team stadium club salomon torres
i was happy to see torres have a decent career because the dodgers crushed him on the last day of the 1993 season (his rookie season) with a postseason berth on the line.

1994 score rookies and traded gold rush bo jackson
bo knows parallels.

1994 leaf ken griffey jr.
jr's earring is really shiny on this card.

1993 donruss bryan harvey
a bit of an opc flavor. harvey certainly had the moustache to be a closer.

1991 upper deck greg brockthe heir apparent to steve garvey playing out his career in milwaukee, back when it was an al city.

1991 topps stadium club casey candaele
candaele looks all of 5'1" in this picture.

1991 upper deck kirk gibson
another former dodger in a small market al central team's uniform.

1991 topps stadium club dave winfield
another former gopher.
1991 score tom niedenfuer
go crazy folks, go crazy!

1990 classic bert blyleven
bert was sticking his tongue out well before michael jordan made it fashionable.

1987 fleer reggie jackson
must kill the queen...must kill the queen...
1991 opc premier dave winfield
winfield had the funkiest swing i think i have ever seen. it was effective, though.

1989 upper deck wally joyner
anaheim's answer to fernandomania. he made people forget that rod carew existed, unfortunately.
1986 topps buddy biancalana
just because.
1991 score john wetteland
i love the black bordered 91 score cards. i wish the whole set had been black borders.

1992 leaf brett butler
a card that doesn't show butler bunting!
1991 score pat perry.
i'll take pat perry for $100, alex!
thanks so much david! these were a lot of fun to go through!

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--David said...

ROTFL! Great post! I'm glad you liked them!