11 August 2009

they come from a land up over

canada, to be exact. captain canuck sent some set needs and other cool stuff recently. here's a sampling.

it wouldn't be right if there weren't some packs of 1991 opc premier included, and captain didn't disappoint. here's wade boggsand two chris hammonds. one in each pack.

now for some dodgers, including a 2006 fleer team leaders jeff kent and derek lowe.
if by leading you mean sitting in the clubhouse reading motocross magazines.

2006 topps 52 andre ethier/russell martin dynamic duos.
there are also matt kemp/james loney and chad billingsley/jonathan broxton cards in this subset. i wonder which guy is robin in this scenario.

speaking of the boy wonder, here's a 2009 opc joe mauer black border.
nice. one of the studio shots from this set that i actually like.

and an ichiro black border, too.
a nice contrast to the mauer card.

here's joe mauer again, on a 2008 ud masterpieces jersey card.
i gave up a chipper jersey from topps' 2002 t206 set to get this and am happy that captain agreed to the trade.

finally, a bicentennial dandy - 1976 topps greg luzinski.
i have always liked the bull as he was instrumental in the dodgers' 1977 nlcs victory, either misplaying or just being too slow to get to (depending on who you believe) manny mota's 9th inning double.

thanks captain!

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Captain Canuck said...

you're welcome my friend.

nice Men At Work reference.