28 August 2009

padrographs and autobiographs

rod from the great pacific northwest (and padrographs) sent me a package a while back. let's take a look at some of the goodness.

2005 donruss diamond kings steve garveywe'll start with a padre, which is only fitting. i don't believe garvey was ever featured as a padre diamond king previously. the injustice!

2000 topps gallery shawn green. i collected shawn green with such a fervor, yet i haven't shown too many of his cards to date. odd. he probably has more game used cards than any other dodger player ever.

1999 topps finest todd hundley.
this is from todd's first incarnation with the dodgers. he pretty much stunk in 1999, but actually rebounded quite nicely in 2000, after which he signed a free agent deal with the cubs. for some reason, the dodgers decided to bring him back in 2003, and even traded mark grudzielanek and eric karros to do so. bad idea, as hundley hit a-buck-eightytwo in just 21 games.

1994 mike piazza.
i was really excited when this set first came out - piazza's first non-traded set topps solo card. what i got was a washed out card with basically the same photo as the 1993 traded card. lazy topps.

1993 leaf lenny harris
turning two with former dodger willie randolph sliding in.

1991 topps ramon martinez.
you can kind of see the way ramon used to lean back, similar to what tim lincecum does. speaking of which, i am actually rooting for the freak to beat the rockies. just for today, though.

1976 topps willie crawford.
willie was a bad ass. no doubt.
1990 leaf juan samuel.
one of the many to parade at second base after steve sax left.

finally, here is the readerman card rod sent, which i filled out. i couldn't choose just one favorite.

thanks rod! and happy reading!

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Dinged Corners said...

Neat list.

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of those books that completely holds up when you reread it, too.