11 August 2009

what is the likelihood?

i just pulled this 2007 topps chrome aki iwamura auto redemption.

the redemption expiration date was 7/31/09. i'm sending it in today anyway.

what are the odds that i will get anything back?


Rod (Padrographs) said...

The odds are about as good as GCRL leading the Dodgers to the playoffs this year

Motherscratcher said...

That sucks. I think that these companies should honor redemptions for much much longer than they do. Why is it so hard to keep the redemption cards for more than a few years?

Topps knows that there is a secondary market for this unopened product. Why would they want to discourage people from buying it due to expired redemptions?

Slette said...

File the redemption - if they refuse to honor it because it's past the date, raise holy hell because your computer got fried in a recent storm (it's Minnesota, these things happen).

Topps' customer service has been pretty cool when I've dealt with them, so you really lose nothing by really giving it a go.

Captain Canuck said...

I say they honour it, but with someone "of equal value" that you've never heard of.

and what the hell are you doing busting packs of '07 Topps????

night owl said...

Excellent question, Captain.

But I think you should get them to honor it somehow, even if it is something "equal value."