27 September 2008

batter up!

i've been thinking about my baseball card collection a lot lately. i have been reading many of the card blogs, and have traded with a few, participated in a group break, and have thought about why i collect. i appreciate the work and thought that everyone puts into their posts and their collections. it has helped me understand what i like and what i enjoy about my collection.

so, it comes down to this. i have spent the last 30 years building a collection, and realize now that it is time to refine it.

too late to turn back, here i go - this is what i will hold on to:

steve garvey - i collect all garvey cards, all variations, all manufacturers. he was my baseball hero growing up, and that still counts for something.

dodgers - i collect dodger topps team sets from 1970 on. i also collect dodgers cards from other years, sets and manufacturers, i just don't necessarily complete the team sets. i have a special affinity for cards of short time dodgers, e.g. david wells, rickey henderson, jimmy wynn, dick allen, etc.

twins - i collect twins cards from all manufacturers from 2000 on. no real focus, although if pressed, i would say joe mauer is the key twins player i collect.

dodger stadium - i collect cards whose pictures are taken in dodger stadium. the bright yellow field level seats were usually a giveaway in cards from before 2005. now it's a bit tougher.

the turn at second base - i collect cards that show the double play turn at second. these cards usually show a hard slide or the shortstop or second baseman in the air.

1970 topps set - i am working on this set and still need some cards. check my want list at right.
topps sets 1978 to present - i started collecting in 1978 as a set builder. i still buy the topps factory set each year, or hand collate one myself. i am still working on the 2007 set, so check my want list at right.

i have a lot to trade! i am going through my cards now and sorting into team lots. i already have sizable lots for each team (except the twins) and would welcome any trades for items that i collect. even if you don't have much, let me know because i am willing to send a lot for a few.

i look forward to sharing my collection here, and hope to help others with their collections at the same time!

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