18 July 2015

clearing out the scanned folder - dodger edition

scans of cards sometimes languish in my scanned folder. newly acquired cards or cards i've stumbled upon while going through my collection get scanned sometimes without a true purpose.  these are such cards.

2008 donruss playoff prime cuts don sutton
aside from the infield, i think sutton might the guy that i am most pleased to see pop up in new releases.

1993 topps stadium club mitch webster
at one time, i thought about doing a full on mitch webster series.  for some reason, i consider him to be perhaps the most obscure dodger to be featured on the most number of cards.

2001 upper deck legends gary sheffield
sheff had some monster seasons for the dodgers

2000 topps gallery gary sheffield
this is a fantastic card. i love that topps kept the photo even though the netting is visible in the foreground.

1992 silver star hologram dodger stadium card (front)
and back
i believe it was night owl that brought this must-have for my dodger stadium card collection to my attention. it was a giveaway back in 1992 when i was busy studying for finals and getting ready to graduate from college instead of paying attention to promotions at chavez ravine.

2005 bowman brian sprout
2005 bowman brian sprout gold parallel
2005 bowman chrome brian sprout
sprout is the head coach at the local high school these days.  i've met him a couple of times, but never mentioned that i have some of his cards.

1996 pinnacle zenith mike piazza
and 1997 fleer circa mike piazza (back)
it sure looks to me that the back of the circa card is a reverse negative and not a purposefully done lefty switch that fleer did on some of their other cards.

2002 topps super teams 1955 brooklyn dodgers (duke snider, pee wee reese, and jackie robinson)
the red numbers are missing (they were added to the jerseys in 1952), and so is gil hodges.  this super teams set flew under the radar, and i don't know how i came across the few cards i have in my set from it.  anybody else recall this set?

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