08 July 2015

i went for blue on black friday

it's been well over seven months since black friday, so i am a bit unsure why it has taken so long for me to post about some of the cards i purchased that day.  especially since one of the cards i bought on ebay that day was this 1952 bowman duke snider card
it was cheap, thanks to some rounded corners, scuffing, and a bit of paper loss, but to me it looks the way vintage ought to look.  that is a pretty card.

i have been on the lookout for a 1972 topps venezuelan steve garvey card for a long time, but have only seen one come up for sale in that time. it was prohibitively expensive.  on the other hand, i picked up this 1977 topps venezuelan davey lopes card
for what i thought was a reasonable price.  these cards are really thin, with nothing on the back, by the way.

most of my black friday shopping was done on comc, where i picked up a 1950 bowman bruce edwards card
along with a 1951 topps blue back
ralph branca card
this was my first blue back - there are only three dodgers in the blue back set, and they seem to be a bit tougher to find than the red backs.

i found some post cards - 1961 post john roseboro
1961 post larry sherry
and 1962 post stan williams
that weren't butchered too badly by the scissor wielding children of the 60's and gladly added them to my cart.

it wasn't all vintage, however, as i purchased a couple of 1983 permagraphics cards of pedro guerrero
and fernando valenzuela
along with a 1983 topps glossy send-in valenzuela
i am pretty sure i have this card already, as i sent in wrappers for these sets pretty regularly, but i bought it anyway because it didn't look familiar.  i still haven't checked to see if it's a double or not.

the last couple of cards are blue and shiny.  from 2012 bowman, i grabbed the matt kemp
and duke snider
blue sapphire rookie reprint cards.  my black friday duke purchases spanned 60 years, now that i think about it.

this was money well spent without getting up early and fighting the crowds - i think i'll make a habit of 'blue' friday...


Nick said...

Great pickups! I especially love the '51 Branca.

Brian said...

I seem to remember hearing that one of the more famous card sellers (maybe "The Card King" ?) purchased a "huge" lot of red backs that were still sealed in their doubles packs somewhere in the southern u.s. about 10-15 years ago. The last card show I went to I bought a few red backs from the vintage guy, he had picked up a full set and a lot more in Raleigh the week before and mentioned they may have been part of that find. Maybe that's why the blue backs are harder to come by? No one's found the motherlode yet?

Greg Zakwin said...

great gets! that Snider is a BEAUT!