25 July 2015

jaybarkerfan's junk sends the blues

it's hard not to be excited when a package from wes at jaybarkerfan's junk shows up at your doorstep.  now, i have not been drawn into one of his trade wars (thankfully, as i know i would not be able to keep up), but we've traded several packages over the last couple of years.  this latest return from wes was certainly no disappointment.

first up is perhaps the bluest card i've seen - it's a 2002 donruss cesar izturis rookie crusade card
good golly miss molly, that's a blue card.

onelki garcia's 2014 topps chrome blue refractor parallel
pales in comparison.

but then there is this 2014 bowman platinum chrome prospects zach lee sapphire parallel card
that is pretty blue.

the blues end there, sort of, as we still have dodger cards, but they aren't of the same hue.  this is an emerald parallel of chris anderson's 2014 bowman platinum chrome prospects card
that brings the green rather than the blue.

there were some regular cards in the package as well, including a 1988 fleer mini kirk gibson card
and a 2005 topps roger craig dem bums insert
craig is fortuitously flashing his bum on the card, by the way.

wes also hit my list of most wanted cards, sending two of the remaining jackie robinson story inserts from 2015 topps that i needed my way
two pretty important milestones there.

i'll finish up with some more hued parallels - these are of the dodger first baseman of the moment, adrian gonzalez.  first is his 2013 bowman chrome purple parallel
and next is his 2013 topps triple threads emerald parallel
both are pretty colorful, bun not as colorful as this 2014 donruss gonzalez elite dominator card
which was not part of the package wes sent, but fits in nicely with this post.

thanks wes, for another great trade!

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