19 July 2015

more cards from night owl, plus a contest

there were too many good cards sent my way by night owl to be contained to a single post, so here are some more.

this 1996 select certified wilton guerrero card
actually shows roger cedeno

1994 topps traded chan ho park
this is park, obviously, and it looks like he's pitching in a high school stadium

speaking of high school, here's a 2012 panini triple play matt kemp when i was a kid card
the back is all about how basketball was kemp's primary sport until late in his high school years.  now, is this card better than the early 70's topps boyhood photos of the stars subsets?  maybe.  but then again, maybe a black and white picture of kemp posterizing some kid under the basket would have been ok, too.

2003 topps bazooka paul loduca relic
2004 topps clubhouse collection chin-feng chen relic
2004 topps traded edwin jackson relic
2007 bowman heritage jeff kent relic
and 2008 topps brad penny relic
night owl was purging his relics, and i was one of the beneficiaries.

like i said, a lot of good cards there.  speaking of good cards, i've been meaning to have another contest of sorts.  i have a lot of good cards to trade.  you may have some dodgers you want to get rid of.  and, there are a lot of good cards up in my header.  just in case you aren't looking at the web version of the blog, here's my header, or at least the cards:
and here's the contest.

i count 31 cards in my header.  all you have to do is identify them.  get it right, and i'll send you up to 9 pre-1980 cards from the team of your choice in a pwe.  you can send one or two dodger cards back, if you like, but it's not required. heck, i'll probably send cards just for trying since there are a couple of obscured cards, plus a tricky one in there.  to make things easier, i've set up a key for the header:
you should be able to click that to get a larger version, but let me know if you need me to email it to you.  speaking of email, you can send your list (and mailing address) to me at gcrlatcomcastdotnet, and please do so by noon pacific on saturday the 25th.  good luck.  and thanks for the cards, night owl!


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

1) 87 topps valenzuela #604, 2) no clue, 3) 04 donruss team heroes #215 henderson, 4) 78 topps dodgers team card #259, 5) 05 topps all time fan favs #28 guerrero, 6) 89 ud hershiser #130, 7) 07 ud martin #349, 8) 71 topps lefebvre #459, 9) 06 sp legendary cuts when it was a game gibson, 10) 04 sp lege. cuts #52 jackie ro, 11) 01 ud legends reflections #r8, 12) 78 topps garvey #350, 13) 04 topps #377 ventura, 14) 01 ud decades cey #110, 15) no clue, 16) 87 fleer russell #452, 17) 97 donruss preferred #124, 18) 74 topps lopes #112, 19) 92 topps strawberry #550, 20) 81 topps rookies #302, 21) 74 topps yeager #593, 22) 08 topps dodgers team card, 23) no clue, 24) no clue, 25) 04 topps ws highlights gibson, 26) 07 ud nomar #347, 27) 01 ud legends of ny #6 reeese, 28) 89 fleer world series #12, 29) 97 bowman #3 nomo, 30) 62 topp nl k leaders #60, 31) 99 ud century legends #59 piazza

gcrl said...

thanks john. i'll post the answers/results on sunday. in the meantime, please email me your address.