26 July 2015

double play cardboard from mets cardboard

it was pretty clear to me that justin at mets cardboard did his homework while putting together his return trade package. there were dodgers and a set need and double play cards.  every dp card he sent was one that i did not already have.  coincidence? perhaps, but unlikely. it was good to see so many new turns at second base.  here are the rest of them (i showed some last sunday)

1992 action packed bobby richardson
old-time yankee twin killing of a twin

1993 donruss geronimo pena (back)
justin gave up the lurking met (dick schofield) on the back

1993 topps stadium club white sox joey cora
kind of a ho-hum double play turn. it looks like the runner/slider is just lying there.

1994 sportflics luis lopez
lenticular double play action!

1994 upper deck collector's choice chris gomez silver signature parallel
and 1994 upper deck collector's choice tony phillips silver signature parallel
those would both fit in my tatooine collection, too.

1997 pinnacle walt weiss
and here i thought i had all of the weiss double play cards

in addition to that pena card above, justin did a good job in checking card backs.  here's a 1997 upper deck collector's choice mark grudzielanek all-star insert (back)
1977 upper deck collector's choice edgar renteria (back)
1998 upper deck mike lansing (back)
and 1998 upper deck neifi perez (back)
which also has the same double play turn (just a bit earlier in the pivot) on the front
but back to the backs - here's a 1998 upper deck collector's choice jose valentin (back)
and a 1998 upper deck collector's choice mark grudzielanek (back)
with a nice dodger stadium backdrop and an unknown dodger rolling around at the g-man's feet.

thanks again justin! great trade!

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