15 February 2014

inspired by fuji and amused by ashley

i received some cards from fuji a while back.  it was a great mix of dodgers, including a 2002 leaf certified joe thurston jersey card
and a 2000 fleer ultra eric karros gold medallion edition parallel

i also received a 1992 topps eric karros gold 'winner' card
which shows karros in a posed ready to bat stance.

using some of the other cards in the package, we can follow a dodger swing from the ready position on karros' card, to this 1997 donruss dodgers team set greg gagne card
to this 1998 donruss preferred raul mondesi die-cut card
to this 1995 score select billy ashley card
that ashley card is fantastic.  it's got the pinnacle museum treatment and an umpire noting that ashley 'can't miss'.  he missed.

back to that donruss dodger team card of gagne.  fuji included almost a complete team set.  here's roger cedeno's card
there were three cards missing, so i went to sportlots to complete the set.  of course, i needed the big 3 of the time - raul mondesi
hideo nomo
and mike piazza
thanks for the cards fuji, and for the inspiration to complete a team set!

1 comment:

Fuji said...

Glad they arrived safely. As for the Ashley... I really like that set. You've got to wonder what the 90's would have been like without Dufex technology.