17 February 2014

elston howard's tribute

i haven't made any progress on my 2001 topps tribute set in quite some time.  i did find an elston howard card from the set at one of the twin cities' lcs last year.  it set me back $3, which is why i haven't made much progress on the set.  here's my want list, in case anyone can help.  and here is howard's card in case you wanted to see it.
a promising catcher, howard began his big league career as an outfielder who dabbled in catching, but later transitioned to become the yankees' primary backstop towards the end of, and following, yogi berra's yankee career.  he was a part of 9 yankee world series teams, plus one as a member of the 1967 red sox.  he was also the 1963 american league mvp.  howard returned to the yankees after his playing career ended to become a coach, and when he died at the age of 51 in december of 1980, the yankees decided to wear black armbands as they had done the previous season (for thurman munson).

here's a 1982 fleer tommy john card showing the armband 
gotta love the blurriness of 1982 fleer.  here's john again, along with ron guidry, on a 1982 donruss card which also shows the armband
that's the card in the memorials binder.  it fits better than john's fleer card - it's in focus, it features yankee pinstripes, and elston howard was definitely a yankee winner.

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