01 February 2014

for columbia

11 years ago today, the space shuttle columbia broke apart during re-entry over texas and louisiana.  all 7 crew members - rick husband, william mccool, michael anderson, david brown, kalpana chawla, laurel clark, and ilan ramon - were killed in the accident.  the houston astros wore a memorial patch on their right sleeves during the 2003 season in memory of the crew.

here it is on jeff kent's 2004 fleer ultra card
nice double play turn face, jeff.

for this memorial, i have two cards in the binder.  the kent is in my double play binder, otherwise there would be three.  the two in the memorial collection are this 2004 topps jeff bagwell

and this 2004 topps lance berkman
a couple of different bloggers sent me copies of the berkman card, and it is a great example of the patch.


Fuji said...

Great post. I remember watching the newscast about this tragedy and reflecting on another shuttle disaster from my childhood.

I was in middle school when the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster took place. Most of the teachers put their lessons aside and allowed their students to watch the launch. We were so excited about that flight, because there was a teacher on board. Most of us counted down... and we sitting at the edge of our seats.

Then a few moments later tragedy struck and we were all in shock... some in tears, some with jaws dropped, and some with their faces in their hands. I can't remember the name of my math teacher, nor the names of any of my classmates. But I'll never forget that particular moment of my childhood.

Mark Hoyle said...

Great post. It's nice to see when baseball memorializes an event that is outside of the game