18 February 2014

did i really just do that?

i had a hard time believing that i completed the dodgers' 1956 topps team set.  now, i am in a state of disbelief about doing the same for the 1955 bowman team set.

the last two cards i needed were carl furillo
and billy loes
i was helped in my endeavor by the fact that sandy koufax, jackie robinson, and duke snider were nowhere to be found on the checklist.  still, roy campanella, gil hodges, and pee wee reese were.  i count this as no small feat, and as the team set it took me the longest to finish - i got my first 1955 bowman card in 1979 from a collector in the neighborhood who gave me don hoak's card in exchange for some 1979 giants.  one of my favorite trades ever.


The Junior Junkie said...


FYI, I have a stack of 2014 Topps Series 1 double-play cards for you. Do you need the Dodgers from that as well? I assume someone has beaten me to it...

Fuji said...

Congratulations. Two amazing team sets for sure.

gcrl said...

thanks guys. tj - i picked up a few dp cards and the dodger base cards from sportlots (posts coming tomorrow). dodger inserts/parallels are welcome, though!