24 February 2014

another pittsburgh mayoral memorial

a couple of months ago, i wrote a post about the memorial patches that the pirates wore for their late mayor, bob o'connor.  today's post is about one of his predecessors, richard s. caliguiri.  caliguiri became mayor of pittsburgh in 1977 and was serving his third term when he died from amyloidosis on may 6, 1988.

for the remainder of the season, the pirates wore his initials on their right sleeves, as seen on the back of tom prince's 1989 upper deck card
the card that i am using to commemorate the memorial, though, is dave rucker's 1989 upper deck card
the initials are visible on the front and back of the card
unfortunately, much of caliguiri's term coincided with the decline of the steel industry, but he did get to witness a pirates' world championship in 1979, so he had that going for him.

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