22 February 2014

cards that should have been that really are, thanks to bob lemke

i noted a few days ago when i completed my 1955 bowman dodger team set that there were no jackie robinson, sandy koufax, or duke snider cards in the set to slow me down.  still, knowing that bob lemke had created cards that should have been for both koufax and the duke, i couldn't resist tracking those down, too.
i was happy to read that bob had decided to sell copies of his cards after taking a break.  in addition to the '55 bowman style cards, i ordered a few more.

the 1956 topps tommy lasorda card that should have been
now i just need a 1957 style lasorda final tribute.  tommy was included in the 1954 topps set, of course, and topps created a 1955 style card of the future dodger skipper for the 1995 brooklyn dodgers archives set.

i also picked up a hard copy of this 1956 topps bill mazeroski card that should have been
it fits nicely into my double play binder

last but not least are the 1969 topps steve garvey card that should have been
(one of them, anyway), and a 1955 topps football garvey as well.
thanks bob!


night owl said...

I keep meaning to order a few of these, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to it.

Mark Hoyle said...

I picked up some of Bobs cards recently.. They are really incredable