06 August 2010

the truth hurts, sketchy as it may be

from rod at padrographs - a 1/1 sketch card that is as unbelievable as it is true.
on 7/29/10, the padres were in first place in the national league west and the dodgers were 7 games back.  well, they are still 7 games up as of the 5th of august (the pads are currently up on the dodgers 3-0 as i type this late on the evening of the 5th).  i would never have guessed at the start of the season that this would be happening.

rod wasn't all doom and gloom, as he also sent a couple cards i earned by creating a 1999 upper deck bip roberts final tribute card that should have been.
here are two 1997 topps screen play cards - first sammy sosa
and now tony gwynn
these are really really cool.  high grade sportsflics cards.  there's a nomo and a piazza in the set which i now need to find.

rod also sent a couple of dodgers team issue postcards - steve garvey
and davey lopes.
i really like the lopes.  because i am a freak, i need to categorize these things.  there's a garvey up on ebay being advertised as a 1977 issue, and a lopes is there as a 1975 release.  however, i know that the astros wore that '40' patch in 1975, so i would guess that the garvey is from 1976 even though the dodgers may have well used an old photo on a later release.  since the lopes and garvey backs are almost (but not quite) identical, i'll accept 1975 for the lopes.  if anyone knows any better, please let me know.

thanks rod!

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steelehere said...

If it helps any, if you do a search on Beckett.com for Steve Garvey and then sort it alphabetically, a 1976 Steve Garvey Dodgers postcard (card #6) comes up. For years after that, no Steve Garvey post cards appear.