29 August 2010

manny happy departures

manny's gone, or so i understand. 
2008 was great, 2009 was confusing and 2010 was forgettable.  everybody said it would be like this, and they were right. still, back to back nlcs for the first time since i started following this team, so the potential nearly achieved was fun to watch.
i have had these two cards scanned for quite some time, i guess waiting for manny to do something worth writing about.  no more waiting.

adios manny!  thanks for being motivated in 2008.


Dodgerbobble said...

Can't forget the bobbleslam game from last year. Besides the Dodger playoff games last year, it's the most exciting game I have ever been to.

Thanks for that memory Manny.

Steve Gierman said...

So mixed about his arrival in Chicago. I hope we get the Manny that wants to play.