08 August 2010

goose joaks for the newly acquired

since i gave scott podsednik the o-pee-chee treatment, i figured it was only fair to do the same for the three players the dodgers acquired at the trade deadline. 

octavio dotel
ned seems to enjoy trading with pittsburgh, although the last time he did it the dodgers wound up with a motivated manny ramirez.

the other two guys came over from the cubs.  they are ted lilly
and ryan theriot
lilly was a dodger prospect way back in the latter part of the 90's, but we had to have carlos perez, so he was dealt away.  as far as theriot goes, ned actually compared his level of play to the guy (blake dewitt) who was sent to the cubs as part of the deal.  if it's a wash, could dewitt have been that crucial to the deal?

anyway, the three amigos posed for dodger photographer jon soohoo soon after arriving, and i've tried to cut it up to create more traditional card images.
lilly is too skinny to get his own card without some resolution loss.  since the trades, only lilly has really delivered, although theriot is batting .276.  dotel hasn't even been used in a game in which the dodgers have had a lead yet.  and, as for scotty pods,
he is batting a buck ninetyfive since the trade with a .250 obp.  that's garret anderson territory.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

"But Pods is an OBP machine with game-changing speed sure to regress to his career norm of .340 OBP."

I actually (not that long ago) had someone argue that line with me in regards to another former Dodger acquisition, Juan Pierre, going to the White Sox. I guess you can either take heart from such rationalizations or live in awe of people who can make league average (or below league average) players sound like superstar acquisitions.