15 August 2010

gint-a-cuffs packs 19 and 20

147 and counting.  here's pack 19:
raul ibanez.
kelly kulick.
miguel cabrera.
neil walker.
matt kemp. +1 (ft), +4 (fp)
derek holland.
david price a&g back mini. +2
this day in history joe mauer/american revolution. +1, +2 (fp)

let's take a look at matt kemp up close, since his days in dodger blue may be numbered. 
clearly there is frustration on both sides, and kemp's agent (dave stewart) is calling the dodgers on their end of things.  this could get ugly.

pack 19 total: 10

pack 20:
max poser.
drew brees.
jake peavy.
alfonso soriano.
aaron cook.
kelly johnson sp. +2
pablo sandoval black bordered mini. +3
this day in history jose reyes/continental congress. +1

pack 20 total: 6

running total: 163

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