03 August 2010

the dodgers' (ruffled) feather bowa

i usually avoid bill plaschke.  i mean really really avoid him.  tj simers isn't much better, but his article yesterday was linked from a couple of different sources and, since i posted bowa's 1982 o-pee-chee card yesterday on the other blog,  i wound up reading it.

it's all about the passion that is larry bowa, and it's a pretty good summation of the dodgers' season this year.
i have to wonder if it's somehow a reflection on the manager and his outwardly passive style.  maybe this team needs more fire and brimstone than the yankees of the late 1990's did.  anyway, it looks like the dodgers are done.  the mannywood sign is gone, they can't beat the giants or the padres, and to hear larry bowa tell it, they don't really seem to mind, although matt kemp acknowledges the truth in some of larry's words.

the dodgers' third base coach signed a couple of cards for me through the mail last year - his 1976 topps
and 1978 topps cards.
thanks larry! too bad those last 57 games aren't looking any better so far.


Matt Runyon said...

The Dodgers probably need a Larry Bowa type manager to kick them in the rears a little. They aren't playing very well right now. It was more fun to root against them when Tommy Lasorda was the manager.

Dodgerbobble said...

Plaschke is a tool. At least TJ puts a smile on my face every once in a while.

Joe Torre needs to go, with Don Mattingly right behind him. I'm not a huge Larry Bowa fan, but at least he'll give the Dodgers the kick in the butt they need. The season is over for the boys in blue, so why not try a different coaching approach?