10 August 2010

now that's just laziness

speaking of laziness, i've been lazy in my posting lately. not really, just busy. not sure what fleer's excuse was back in 1998 when they issued their tradition set. as part of that set, they included some 'vintage '63' inserts using the design from their 1963 issue. not a bad idea - at least they used their own vintage design unlike upper deck. at any rate, take a look at gary sheffield's 1998 fleer tradition base card (featuring a lurking eric karros):
and now feast your eyes on the vintage '63 insert.
what the curse? it's the same photo!

ok, well then, how about hideo nomo? tradition:
vintage '63:

bobby bonilla? tradition:
vintage '63:
well, they probably aren't too many images of bobby bo in dodger blue. and that's a good thing.

the aforementioned eric karros? tradition:
vintage '63:
why in dodger blue blazes would fleer bother to put together an insert set if they are just going to use the same photo that they use in the base set? let's keep going.

charles johnson? tradition:
vintage '63:
well now. thanks to the horizontal base card, we get a little difference in the cropping, but still the same photo.

rauuuuuuuuuul mondesi? tradition:
vintage '63:
more of the same, i'm afraid.  just plain lazy.


Captain Canuck said...

gee... if Fleer isn't careful, decisions like that will drive them out of business...... oh..... wait.....

John Bateman said...

I don't think the purpose of that set was to have different photos for the inserts

(...Joe) said...

Nuh uh, the contrast is brighter on the '63s. That makes them a different photo...