01 October 2009

reggie smith through the mail success!

so, i jinxed myself. but in a good way! about a month ago i posted about the reggie smith auto i purchased on ebay because i hadn't been able to find a reliable address with which i could try ttm. well, soon after, i found an address, sent the card and $10, and in just 6 days this is what i received: awesome. and, he returned the $10!

i have so happily put this card in with the rest of the pieces of my modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project - 16 in all so far.

here's the tally:

16/29 = 55%

thanks reggie!


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Nice! I might have to get that address from you. I always liked Reggie when I was a kid, and he is from the a group of players mentored by I think it was Gene (?) Baker. I read about that in the Ellis bio I had. Again, very nice!

Matt Runyon said...

You're making good progress on this set.

Tony said...

Nice sig!! Very cool autograph.