22 October 2009

quien es mas macho?

here we have the classic 1957 topps 'dodgers sluggers' card, featuring carl 'skoonj' furillo, gil hodges, roy campanella, and duke snider. i don't know why topps made the 2006 heritage set so washed out - these 57s have some great color. the color on this card is enhanced by the advertisements on the outfield fence, the grass, and, of course the dodgers uniforms. although the photographer is kind of off-center, and even though the silver fox is not looking at the camera, the card is perfect.

compare it to this upstart 1979 tcma the 50's card, ingeniously entitled 'dodger power' on the back.muted color (the dodgers aren't even wearing uniforms with the red numbers on them!), non-linear player placement, and off centering of the subject players, and you get a poor man's version of the 1957 masterpiece, even if everyone is looking at the camera.

game, set, match - 1957 topps.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

First, sorry about the Dodgers last night.

I agree with you on the Heritage set---it looks like they did everything in pastels or something. And the '57s DO have some great color.

That TMCA card...man, Freud would have a thing or two to say about that.

shoeboxlegends said...

That '57 is a fabulous card. My want list just grew...