05 October 2009

farewell to the metrodome (almost)

so it turns out that yesterday's game wasn't the last to be played inside hubert h humphrey metrodome. go figure.

while after tomorrow (or the alds) it may have a future for the viqueens, tractor pulls, monster truck rallies and the occasional final four regionals (and - just announced, twinsfest 2010!), the metrodome will not be a purveyor of major league baseball. and i think that's a good thing.

the first time i walked into the metrodome was may of 1998 to see a game against the yankees. i remember walking in the concourse and heading towards the field. it was sunny outside, but the interior of the roof was a dirty gray color. i remember laughing, and had a hard time reconciling the image of derek jeter on the field of this abomination to what is good and right about the game. keep in mind that i was no stranger to the multi-purpose stadium, having been to numerous baseball games at the big a (before the disney renovations) and jack murphy stadium.

i am sad to say that you kind of get used to it after a while, and it is a nice place to have twinsfest in january.

as far as cards go, the metrodome has been featured on a few, but not too many cards, including that 1986 donruss all stars card up top. the interior is not a popular backdrop for cards, but we have seen some recently including the 2009 ud o-pee-chee team checklist and this 2009 topps twins team set bonus card.those drapes up in the upper deck in right-center are the retired number and championship banners. they took them down during the series last weekend as well as during the playoff runs. you can see the full upper deck on the back of this 2004 upper deck legends jack morris card.there used to be a huge milk jug in the right field corner that would light up when a twins batter hit a homerun. not quite the shea stadium apple, but...

on this 2007 topps opening day card you can see the 'baggy' - the right field 'fence' that hangs in front of the rolled-up football seats. it's really a big hefty bag billboard.seeing the metrodome on player cards is a treat. some, like this 2009 ud o-pee-chee scott baker, are discernable largely because of the home whites and the lighting. you can see the visiting team's bullpen behind baker, and those seats off of his left elbow are endzone corner seats. it's impossible to see anything in the right field corner from them.

former twin cristian guzman returned to the dome, as seen on his 2008 upper deck card.here you have the twins ballboy and a part of the cub foods ad.

similarly, here's carlos gomez and his 2009 upper deck card. we have the ball boy (partially obscured) as well as the tunnel entrance to the twins teeny-tiny clubhouse.

every once in a while, you get a card featuring a larger view of the dome, like this 2004 topps doug mientkiewicz. doug is a little ways down the third base sign, while the convenience stores of superamerica get some free advertising.

that sa logo shows up again, on this 1994 topps stadium club dave winfield card.dave is one of at least two (cal ripken) players to get their 3000th hit at the metrodome. incidentally, this card makes me think of the indian chief from superfriends.

the last two cards are my two favorite metrodome cards. i had found a nice scott leius card with a domed roof, but i think it was the kingdome, which may be even more rare than the metrodome. anyway, here's a 2006 upper deck ryan garko.here you get a good view of the drapes and the baggy. dodge was a big sponsor the last few years and would advertise on the baggy as you see here. during the games, they would drive a dodge truck on the field and people would get to try to throw some balls into the bed of the truck to win a prize. good times.

finally, here's twins hall of famer rick aguilera and his 1993 topps card
this card is pretty cool. you can see all the little holes in the interior roof sheeting. dave kingman once hit a ball into one of those holes for a ground rule double. would have been nice if the ball had come down during a viking game.

next year, the twins will move into target field. it looks pretty nice, even if it is shoehorned in behind the target center with little parking and an inadequate transit station. so what if it sits over a heavy rail line and next to the county's trash burner? it's outdoors.


night owl said...

I've never been to the Metrodome, but I saw several games in Olympic Stadium, and I could never get used to what I was watching. It didn't even seem like baseball. None of the sounds were the same. Many of the sights weren't the same. Good riddance Metrodome. Even if it snows most of April.

Collective Troll said...

I only went to the Dome once, but I am glad I did. It wasn't a great experience, but its one of those things I am glad I did. I love the Superfriends reference and that 94 Winfield was one of my favorite cards. I found my homer hanky from 1987, my Mom and I each had one to wave around while watching at home many miles away. Bring on game 163, I LOVE IT!

Captain Canuck said...

outdoors in minnesota.

love it.

now if only the damn Vikings would follow suit.

Matt Runyon said...

I like that Mientkewicz (or however it's spelled) card. It reminds me of those early 70s Topps action cards. Extra points for being horizontal

zman40 said...

I had a good time there on Friday and Saturday. Maybe it was the crowd or just the countdown, but it was a much more memorable experience than my visit there in 2002.

Also, thanks for your help!