26 October 2009

i don't know is on third, literally

after being completely enthralled with the all star shield on the 1978 topps cards, i began paying particular attention to the all star designation on cards from other years. i was so happy that topps went to a separate all star card for the 1982 set so as to avoid steve garvey lacking the all star denotation on his base card for the first time since 1974.

anyway, the 1976 set has a few interesting all star cards, including jim wynn, who is pictured on the braves but was an all star for the dodgers. most interesting to me, though are the ron ceyand pete rose cards. notice that both are given the distinction of being nl all stars at 3rd base. knowing that topps gives these designations only to the starters (except for you, richie zisk), cey and rose couldn't both be deserving of the star. or could they? cey played no position other than third base until his final season in 1987. and, we all know that rose began his career as a second baseman, but switched to the outfield in 1967 and then, in 1975, he switched to third base. just for good measure, he would switch again, this time to first base, in 1979 when he joined the phillies.

so, if rose played 3rd base in 1975, the star on the 1976 card is correct, right? technically, it is - third base was his primary position the previous year. but, having played the outfield in 1974, rose would have been listed on the 1975 all star ballot as an outfielder, not a third baseman. so, cey started the game at third and rose started in the outfield. both deserving of the star, but still only one third baseman.

thanks baseball reference!

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Collective Troll said...

Great detective work! I had wondered that myself, but never really looked into it... Its good to know after all of these years!