09 August 2014

want list roadkill

i am sure most of you know that age old question when working out a blogosphere trade:  "what can i send in return?".  i saw that question in an email from duane at democratic roadkill a while back, but before i could answer, he wrote back and said "never mind. i found your 1965 topps want list".  ok, that's much better than a blind trade of dodger cards.

duane wasn't kidding - he sent about 50 cards from my want list.  pure pennant design awesomeness.
no tigers, yankees, or a's, and the only dodger (doug camilli) was a senator in 1965, but that's ok. 8% of the set in one trade is pretty great.  thanks duane - your cards go out on monday.


Nick said...

Any trade that includes Colt .45s cards is a good trade. Nice haul!

JediJeff said...

It's like getting Hoyle'd, only you got Duane'd.

Duane said...

Just a bunch of doubles looking for a good home... seeing as I have had zero luck trading vintage... YOU WIN!!!!

the teams was just coincidence...... seems my doubles box is weighted towards certain teams.

Mark Hoyle said...

Wow... Lots of great pennants from a great set. Few more trades like that and you will be complete