14 August 2014

two more pages from the steve garvey oddball binder

i have three versions of the 1979 topps comics steve garvey issue in my garvey oddball binder (here is a handy link to all garvey binder posts, by the way).  here are two of the three, along with a couple other oddballs.
so that would be a uncut garvey panel in the top left and the actual pack-pulled issue on the top right.  filling out this particular page in the binder is a 1981 msa blank-back disc and a 1981 topps scratch off panel featuring two of garvey's three fellow infielders, ron cey and davey lopes.

nothing exciting to see on the backs of those items, except for perhaps the scratch off
ninety cents and a wrapper for a ball-strike indicator.  such a deal.

this next page gets us into some oddball meat.  have a look at some garvey goodness, only slightly spoiled by one very visible padre item
what we have here is a 1981 all-star game program insert, a 1981 topps sticker, a 1982 all-star game insert, two 1982 o-pee-chee stickers, two 1982 topps stickers, a 1983 all-star game insert, a 1983 fleer stamp, a 1983 sleer sticker, and a 1983 o-pee-chee sticker.

here are the backs, which are the only way to tell the o-pee-chee stickers from the topps versions
the 1982 stickers showing garvey at the plate in dodger stadium features sweet 1981 world series action.  why topps included world series stuff in their sticker release but not the flagship really chaps my hide.

i used to have a 1980 all-star game program, but i don't recall any inserts similar to the ones that have been cut up and sold off like the ones shown here.  those are the types of oddballs that i once rejected (i still don't have any desire for the red foley oddballs), but i have somewhat arbitrarily softened my stance in recent years.

more garvey goodness to come - stay tuned...

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