09 August 2014

motivated by minis

duane from democratic roadkill recently offered to send me some cards in exchange for some 2014 topps allen & ginter minis.  he really wants minis - so much so that he sent more cards than i expected, and i have been delinquent in completing the trade as i have tried to pick up a few more things to send in return.  here are some of the cards that duane sent.

he recently finished a 1960 topps set, so he sent some doubles my way.  fred kipp
danny mcdevitt
and john roseboro
it wasn't all vintage goodness (i'll show more of the vintage haul in a separate post) - there was some modern stuff, too.

i don't know that i've ever looked at the mike marshall and steve sax cards from 1989 score together at the same time, but they make for an interesting combination
as do these two cards from 2009 upper deck goudey - andre ethier, kirk gibson, clayton kershaw, and russell martin 4-in-1 red and green border
these cards remind me of sesame street.  russell martin is doing his own thing by wearing his headgear backwards.  and now the song is done.

minis are primarily what duane was after - he collects the a&g minis like nobody else - so of course he has plenty of extras.  here are a few from 2013 topps a&g that he sent - hanley ramirez, chad billingsley, ethier, and hyun-jin ryu
this stuff wasn't even the best part of the package duane sent, so stay tuned...

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Duane said...

i seem to recall a giant box of blue jays cards sent my way many years ago....i know I have never been able to return the favor... .this is my attempt!