27 August 2014

still more steve garvey oddballs from the garvey oddball binder

two more pages from the oddball garvey binder.  i have these particular items in ultra-pro 12-pocket pages, by the way.  not a lot of dodger garvey goodness here, unfortuately.  

this first page has a 1983 topps sticker, the 1984 all-star game program insert, a 1984 fun foods pin (with pinback), a 1984 fun foods pin proof, a 1984 7-11 slurpee coin, the garvey from the 1984 topps gallery of immortals bronze set, a 1985 all-star game program insert of garvey solo plus one with david green of the giants attached, a mini beckett cover (this was probably cut out of an ad or something), a 1985 general mills sticker, and two more 7-11 slurpee coins - one from 1985 and one from 1986 that also features jim presley of the mariners and bill madlock of the dodgers.  enjoy.
here are the backs
there are only two oddballs on the second page - a 1987 red foley sticker and a 1987 topps coins garvey
and again, the backs
i do have one more item to show, and it is the latest garvey item to be added to the collection.  it's a copy of the october 21, 1978 issue of "the sporting news" featuring 'dodger clout king' garvey on the cover.
this came to me courtesy of everybody's friend, mark hoyle.  there's some good stuff in there, along with a ridiculous amount of cigarette ads.  i will probably only keep the cover, but i've enjoyed looking through the 36-year old articles.

more garvey goodness to come...

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Mark Hoyle said...

Great stuff. I used to devour the Sporting news. Great baseball coverage and loads of stats back in the day